Why should brands engage in Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media platforms out there. As a platform that revolves around the aesthetically pleasing and that which is easy on the eye, it’s been appropriately tagged as a “visual search engine”. People turn to Pinterest for inspiration for various things from what their living rooms and kitchens should look like to what they should paint next to what their next tattoo or hairstyle should be. With this app turning out to be an image dump as well as an inspiration hub, marketers should look to it as a valid platform to advertise products in a graceful manner to an audience that is actively involved with similar interests and ready to make a purchase. 

With 250 million users and around 90% of these users looking to make purchasing decisions, Pinterest is a goldmine for marketers who are looking to connect with their ideal customer in a graceful manner. 

Example: A person who is looking to redecorate his kitchen or living room will turn to Pinterest for inspiration, paving a marketing opportunity for decorators, interior designers, businesses that sell cutlery, furniture and much more.

How does Pinterest compare to other social media platforms?

There are so many social media platforms out there such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., why should marketers look at Pinterest rather than any of these?

  • Quality over quantity: While Instagram (the most used social media platform) has over 1 billion users in a month, Pinterest only has about 440 million users in a month. However the quality of the audience is more important than the quantity of the audience. Through Pinterest, marketers can reach the purchasing decision makers as well as their ideal customers without spending much time on various analytics and targeting. Pinterests’ audience primarily consists of people looking for creative ideas, recipes, style tips and visual inspiration. On the other hand, Instagram has more well rounded functions with people using the platform for various reasons such as entertainment, branding and keeping up to date with current affairs.
  • Objects over people: While Instagram and Facebook showcase mainly people and their lifestyles and Twitter showcases people’s opinions, Pinterest is designed to focus on objects, concepts, ideas and interests. It showcases people’s lifestyles without providing much information on the person itself. This makes it an excellent platform to advertise products and services which are based around these elements.
  • Permanence over temporary: Almost every social media platform is built on people providing real time updates on their lives and the world. Since most of these real time updates are irrelevant at other times, these platforms have features (such as stories) to make these updates appear only temporarily to better streamline the flow of information by categorizing them as temporary or permanent. However, Pinterest focuses on showcasing content that is considered more as evergreen. Content posted here is more favoured if it is relevant at all times rather than only at the time of posting.
  • Appreciation over self-promotion: The intention for users on Pinterest is starkly different from users on other platforms. Users on Instagram and Facebook usually post their creations with the intention of promoting themselves. However, Pinterest users dump their images with the intention of just putting their creations out there with hope that someone with similar interests could appreciate these creations for what they are instead of the creator.

Pinterest can be a great marketing tool for small businesses looking to make a mark in their industry. Here are some reasons why:

  • As previously established, people use Pinterest for inspiration for their future actions leading to a higher purchasing intent than users of any other social media platform.
  • Businesses can also drive traffic to their blogs or website by adding backlinks to their posts. 
  • Pinterest is also perfect for small businesses who want to create and maintain a particular brand image.
  • Businesses can innovatively showcase aspects of their business such as their history, products/services, infographics, staff and more with the help of visuals.

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