How to use Quora to increase website traffic?

Quora, one of the biggest online forums available today, attracts 300 million users monthly, among which, about 45 million are Indians. Quora’s primary objective is to provide quality answers to its audience, which is what makes it such an essential tool for marketers. In this blog, we have dealt upon the know-how and why of  using Quora to build your brand and drive traffic to your website.  

What is Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer network where users post their questions which are answered by the community. It is a platform to ask questions and connect with people who provide unique insights. 

Why should I use Quora to generate website traffic?

  • Increases Referral Traffic 

Referral Traffic is from users who come to your website through a link on another site. Referral Traffic is completely free and Quora is the easiest way to increase it. 

  • Targeted Content Promotion

Quora gives you the opportunity to target your content to the user base of your choice. Whether you’re looking to market to working professionals, students, or moms, Quora gives you the opportunity to tailor your content to best suit your target audience. 

  • Get Content Ideas

Coming up with fresh content ideas can be a daunting task. Quora gives you insights into what your audience wants, thus giving you the opportunity to create exactly what your audience wants to see. For every question, it suggests related questions that you can utilize. 

Quora is increasingly the place to be for business audiences, which means it’s the place to be for marketers as well—not only to grow their brand’s online presence but to keep up with industry trends and even learn a few tricks from other marketers.

How can I use Quora for my brand?

We’re sure you’re pumped to start marketing on Quora. Read ahead for a guide on how you can utilize Quora to generate traffic for your brand. 

How can I use Quora for Marketing?
  • Pick the right topics and questions 

Once you’ve created your Quora account, you’ll be asked to pick your interests which will be displayed on your feed. This will help you find relevant questions to answer. Once you get started, take some time to read questions and answers from your interest areas to get an idea of what your audience is looking for. This is crucial before you start answering questions. 

  • Create a rich bio 

Just like any other social media site, your bio is your introduction to your audience. It’s the first impression. Which is why it’s important to pay attention to what you add to your bio. The most important aspects of your bio are your credentials and your description. 

Keep your description crisp and informative. You can include your: 

  • Job experience
  •  Current profession
  •  Interests and maybe some hobbies.

 You can add links to your social media profiles/pages and website in your bio. The next step is adding your credentials. Your credentials will help you build your credibility with your audience. 

  • Finding the right questions for your niche 

As a rule of thumb, you should look for questions that have a higher number of followers and a lower number of answers. This ensures that your content doesn’t get lost in the thread and reaches a larger audience. Quora has more than 400,00 topics ranging from artificial intelligence, to music, education, finance, food, dating, etc. . You can find a topic that works best for your brand and start searching for the most relevant questions. 

You have your profile, an appropriate bio, and you’ve found the right questions…  What’s next? 

  • Mastering the art of writing Quora answers

It is essential to write answers that are impactful and bring new information to the table. Although you may be using Quora to promote your business, subtlety is your only ally. If your answers sound promotional, you risk spooking your audience and damaging your reputation. Now that we have that out of the way, how can you write the perfect answer on Quora?

  • Write a step-by-step answer or use bullet points

Reading a wall of text can be tedious and unstimulating. A good idea is to use lists or to divide your answers into smaller paragraphs. This gives your reader the opportunity to scan and find relevant information in your answer. 

  • Link to helpful information 

Even though you’re using Quora to promote your content, people are looking for relevant answers. It is important to keep this in mind. 

You must be careful linking back to your content. Quora is a place where people want to learn from each other; they don’t want to get spammed just with links back to your content. Your goal is to bring value to the platform. Only when you create content on the platform like that will you start to enjoy the benefits. 

Pro tip: It is a good idea to use a maximum of 3 links in one answer. You can add links to other websites, as well. This will only help you build credibility. 

  • Use a conversational tone 
Use Quora to increase website traffic

It is important to write in a tone that does not come off as too “salesy” or promotional. Use a conversational tone and make use of general vocabulary. Write an answer as if it’s advice you’d be giving to a friend about the topic at hand. Using a conversational tone will not only make your answer easy to read but also help you convey information better to your readers.

  • Use images         

Using visual content is a great way to hold your audiences’ attention. You can post an infographic, a screenshot, and relevant images. This will help you engage better with your audience.  

  • Using Quora Spaces

Yes, Quora got spaces before Twitter did 😉

Quora spaces allow users to build a community based on shared interests, similar to a subreddit or a FaceBook Group. Quora Spaces allow individuals to find more information about their interests and connect with like minded people. 

The brilliant thing about Quora Spaces for marketers is that it puts you right in front of your target audience. This can not only help you generate traffic, but also give you an idea of what your audience wants, which will in turn help you create better, more relevant content. 

As long as people have questions to ask, platforms like Quora will continue to thrive.

If you’ve been using Quora to market your brand, let us know about your experience in the comments! 

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