What are Instagram Guides & How to Use them for Brands?

Social media platforms are slowly changing the way we think of and look at our everyday words and things. Take for instance: what would the word ‘Guide’ remind of you in the past? For us, it would bring up memories of big fat books or lengthy blog posts talking about varied topics in depth. But when it comes to Instagram, you might want to rethink. Instagram recently rolled out a new feature called ‘Instagram Guide’ for its users. Much like the traditional guides, Instagram Guides are designed to assist people on different subject matters but they are more pictorial.

In case you are wondering how to curate attractive Instagram guides and use them for your brands, then you have come to the right ‘guide’! Let’s find out.

What is an Instagram Guide?

According to Instagram, Guide has been introduced to create a place where users can find reliable information and inspiration from their favorite accounts. The feature lets one easily find recommendations, tips along with products and services at one place.

Simply put, Instagram guide is like an album that makes it easier for your audience to browse through content of their favorite topics without having to treasure hunt for posts in the feed of their loved creators.

How to set up Instagram Guide?

Whether you are a business or an individual creator, there is a lot of scope for you to unleash your creative side and use Guide for your benefit.

Step 01: If you click on the + (plus) sign on your Instagram profile, you will get different Instagram features to go ahead with. Select Guide from the bottom of the list.

How to create an Instagram Guide

Step 02: Start adding content to your Instagram Guide. You can choose from three options namely Places, Products and Posts.

Instagram Guides

a) Places allow you to post recommendations about any city on the globe.  You will have to start by selecting the location, post which Instagram will pull out public posts published with that location tag. You will be allowed to choose up to 05 posts for your guide from these public posts. The places guide works wonderfully well for restaurants, retail stores, and local businesses who can showcase user generated content created at their business location.

Instagram Guides Locations

b) Products allow individuals to recommend their favorite products from Instagram Shop. It also lets businesses create categories of different products available in their shop for quick reference.

Instagram Guides on Search

c) Posts help collate your published posts on the same topic at one place. If you wish to showcase content published by other creators then you will have to save their posts first. One can add up to 30 posts.

Step 03: Once you have selected your posts, you will have to add the title of the Guide and the posts along with the cover photo. You will also be given an option to describe each post and rearrange the order of their appearance.

Step 04: After completing the above steps, you can preview the Guide’s appearance and if you are happy with it then you can go ahead and publish it. Once you have published your first guide, the guide icon which resembles a newspaper will appear on your profile and can be viewed by all. You can share the published guide via stories or DMs.

How can brands use guides?

Like any other feature on Instagram, an Instagram Guide can also be used to reach out to existing and prospective followers. Below are effective ways to use Guide for a brand’s advantage.

  1. Create a Gift Guide
    Guide is an easy method to create a list of products that are gifted on various occasions and festivals. For example: New Years day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Diwali and so on.
  2. Share your story
    Create a guide for your followers to know about the intimate details of your brand. You can talk about how you started the business, founders and what goes into making your brand standout everyday.
  3. Share tips and recommendations
    If you are an expert on a particular topic then do share tips and recommendations to help others.
  4. Make a step by step instructions
    Individuals can talk about complex processes and break them down into step by step instructions for followers. Some products or services may need step by step instructions to help enhance understanding. A great way to do that would be making guides about them.
  5. Collaborate with influencers
    You don’t have to restrict your brand’s influencer activity to just Instagram posts, stories, reels and lives. You can use Instagram Guide to collaborate with influencers who can create a Guide with your brand posts.

Learn more about all the updates Instagram introduced this year and how you can utilize them best for your brand. The next time you work on your content strategy for Instagram, make sure to include Instagram guides as well. Have a query for us? Drop in the comment section below.

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