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According to the statistics presented by twin employment and training, 36% employers look for employees to multitask, 31% look for someone who can initiate, 21 % look for creative thinking and the other 12% look for other qualities. About 88% of employees cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication to workplace failures. In this ninth episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), the host of the show, shares the space with Shreyasi Singh (Founder & CEO, Harappa Education). Shreyasi began her career as a journalist. She is also an award winning author of two books based on entrepreneurship and is today at the helm of one India’s most unique online education platform. Together they both converse about modern day work goals

Episode Overview: 

  • Harappa Education came from the idea to find the existing loopholes in the formal higher education system. These usually don’t give you a professional skill set that would give someone the edge in a real world scenario.
  • Thinking, Creating, Solving, Communicating, using logic and ultimately learning are the facets that make up the foundations of Harappa Education. There is a on making these qualities a “Habit”.
  • Company leaders need to set when it comes to communication, is to essentially communicate effectively. 
  • You need to be able to convince people to work hard, while also explaining why an employee must do something a certain way. This is to avoid a lack of quality and clarity. 
  • Entrepreneurs and ndividuals in a leadership position must have optimism as a default setting, to be prepared for a situation that is unpredictable.
  • From a business perspective, this pandemic has been quite difficult. So getting good at improvisation and resource allocation and making the best of the team you have and playing to their strengths is key.
  • The various challenges that one can face while collaborating with team members, whether that is inside or outside the organization. 
  • Self Reflection is very important.

Top tips for work goals to become a better professional, today:

  • Read A lot, about your industry and around your industry, understand the larger system.
  • Learn to communicate better and invest in improving that.
  • Ask for feedback, whoever it is, work colleagues, friends, ask them for feedback.
  • Trust when someone asks you to do something when they see value in you.
  • Take valuable and educated risks.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “We’ve never been taught how to think in practical situations. This is what makes it a detriment to creativity as well. When people are unable to think correctly, they feel like they aren’t creative, but that’s not the case.”
  • “Creativity is very derivative. Nothing needs to be invented, just make use of what you know and learn as much as you can to find new creative outlets.
  • “I urge leaders to focus on the frequency and quality of their written communication, and for verbal communication it’s important to build comfort and warmth to build a connection.”
  • “Live masterclasses were our focus in this pandemic. We didn’t let that be a detriment to our organization. We needed to allow for some growth.”
  • “In a social situation, people need to be comfortable with each other to speak out and communicate. We offer a safe space for people to send in their requests, questions and doubts to help them out individually without being made to feel conscious.

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