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According to a survey conducted by the Influencer marketing hub, a business makes upto $5 for every $1 that they spend on this form of marketing. Apart from that, Instagram is at the forefront of influencer marketing along with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter following closely. Did you know that any content with hashtags related to covid-19 has resulted in over 2.9 million engagements over the world? In this Eighth episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), the host of the show, shares the space with David Schneider (CEO at and Influencer Marketing guru) to discuss the ins and outs of the Influencer Marketing and how to do it right.

Episode Overview: 

  • With dreams of quitting their jobs and going backpacking, David and his partner made progress with their travel blog and companies in the travel space partnered with them that fuelled their passion and gave rise to NinjaOutreach.
  • Their vision of the NinjaOutreach software was very clear from the get go. It was meant to be the all-in-one outreach tool for influencer marketing. 
  • came from the idea of creating a paid service to help clients build links to help their SEO. 
  • It’s difficult to verify the credibility of an influencer. The best metric to look for is their engagement. Their likes, comments, and following. There are tools that can take a look at someone’s audience and give you an idea of whether the influencer is legitimate or not.
  • Sometimes, client expectations are too high. There is a benefit from getting a lot of exposure to build awareness and sell your product. It depends on where you attribute the conversion, whether it’s a banner, hoarding, advertisement, an influencer. It’s all dependent on the exposure. Influencer Marketing is just one of those ways.
  • The campaign goals that you wish to achieve depend from brand to brand. They’re definitely not for all brands.
  • Brands evaluating influencers and influencers evaluating brand is an important back and forth that needs to happen to gauge and expect results.

Top starting tips for influencers, non-influencers, bloggers and influencer marketers:

  • For travel bloggers, make a nice website. Create good content and experiment and try to do your work well enough for brands to approach you.
  • Make sure you focus on work and your content separately. But if you’re specifically into travel blogging, the space for digital nomads is always growing.
  • The audience you have as a brand has to be similar to the audience of the influencer. There are guidelines for everything. Getting to know the cultural discipline is also something to note.
  • Some tools for influencer marketing: 
    • Ahrefs – for link building and content marketing.
    • Mailshake – for outreach.
  • For people wanting to to become an influencer:
    • Credibility is currency.
    • Focus on your audience and your niche. Engaged, relevant and homogenous as opposed to numerous.
    • Put yourself out there and approach brands, don’t wait for them to approach you.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “We call it an un-agency, since though we do share some similarities with the standard digital marketing agency, how we do things differently is by putting a growth marketer into another person’s company. It’s almost like they hire members of our team and hire them into their team to help the working between the two companies.”
  • “When money enters a space, people are going to sort of look for a way to manipulate the system to achieve some sort of edge to increase their following.”
  • “The reality is, as an influencer you’re trying to stay competitive and stand out at the same time.”
  • “Some brands may look at it as trendy but may not have any influencers in that space; and then there’s always the space where it depends on what you sell and provide an ROI from that influencer. Each brand needs to evaluate it for themselves.”
  • “Brand loyalty is very important, you can’t come across as a double edged sword if you’re an influencer. They could also just be a messenger to promote products and provide unbiased ideas.”
  • “If you’ve got a few thousand followers, it’s good to forge a path to getting more. Joining an influencer marketing platform and putting yourself out there is helpful. After the 10,000 follower mark you may also have brands approach you. 

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