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Did you know that the first video posted on youtube was from San Diego Zoo, back in 2005? Or that Gangnam Style was so popular that it broke YouTube’s video counter? Or that 1 Billion hours of YouTube Content is consumed everyday!? In this Sixth episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), the host of the show, shares the space with Sneha Basu Roy (Digital Capability Program Lead, India Agency Business, Google) as we dive into the world of YouTube Marketing and its significance for our businesses.

Episode Overview: 

  • Most businesses depend on sales for performance marketing, and since digital is the cheapest media to get the target audience. There isn’t a decline in that trend.
  • Today everyone’s marketing strategy differs. Two things that are important for brands to aim at doing the best, one is to get the brand’s platform or website to make a seamless brand-consumer experience and the digital gives you leverage of knowing the people behind the screen and therefore must talk to them contextually.
  • People today are upskilling themselves, which has been a boon of the lockdown. It is a problem that has been overcome significantly.
  • Video action campaigns can be used to make videos interactive and taking action in those videos is very easy for consumers. A visible set of leads have been generated with these strategies even during the lockdowns. 
  • Youtube is one of the most expensive ad spaces on the digital front, but also one of the most demanding ones. A brand should consider the youtube masthead only when they’re aware of their purpose, TG and with an educated estimate of their budgets. 
  • Youtube has now introduced a shorter format of content, which lives up to the fact that the Human attention span is 8 seconds long (one less than that of a goldfish). It’s no longer because attention spans are shrinking, it’s about getting people hooked and engaged into your content.
  • Labels, Tags and Keywords are critical for the growth of a brand through SEO. It is an algorithm at the backend, therefore the tags and keywords will help the algorithm push you towards viewers.
  • The current opportunities for content creators today is varied. It is a greenfield. The ones who understand the digital media the best are already putting their content out and partnering with brands to make money.
  • The most important parameters or metrics to gauge the success of Youtube Marketing is to
  1. Look at the view-through rate. – Great to understand where you lose your viewers. A drop off point
  2. Analyze the audiences. – This is a goldmine to learn how to create for the audience. You need to be different to understand what the audience that views your content and enjoys the content that you do.

Top tips for brands wanting to get into content creation from the Youtube Marketing expert:

  • Ensure that your operations on the platform are seamless. Example, if you’re taking your viewers to a certain website, make sure the websites are appealing and mobile friendly. 
  • Contextual Marketing Strategy is key. Because we know the person behind the screen, you need to add that context to make your content relatable. 
  • Never overestimate the power of your brand, however big or small you are. A proof of this is the fact that people use the search term “Best” instead of using a brand name to look for a product.
  • Digital media is a goldmine, not only from a viewpoint of scale, but also in terms of technology. Invest in analytics and embrace automation to get a better ROI.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “Some agency or brand challenges we face is to keep up with our engineers. They’re always working to make our products more seamless and giving power to the advertisers to get more targeted.”
  • “Understanding the audience behind the screens led to the identification of ‘life events’. What life events did was, it allowed brands to target audiences at specific life events and Volkswagen targeted people at specific life events, such as a marriage, to sell their Vento car. This led to 5x to 7x the amount of ad recall.”
  • “YouTube is still seeing that platform as one that focuses on longer format of content. This is primarily because every other platform exists for a purpose and sticks around to serve that purpose.”
  • “If you’re relatable and the brand you’re integrating with thinks of you as a rich source of getting a certain TG on board, brands and ad sharing will help your channel and brand grow.”
  • “As an individual creator, getting to 1000 subscribers is not hard. It’s all about growing with an audience you understand and making content contextual. It is also important to make content relatable. Don’t spend money on your content or ads before you can earn money.”

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