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Did you know that Despacito is the most viewed Video on Youtube with 6.8 billion views? Or that the picture of an egg is the most liked picture on Instagram with a mind boggling number of 54.3 million likes! In this fifth episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), the host of the show, shares the space with Diana Briceno (content head at VEED and Social Media Influencer) the maestro of Social Media herself

Episode Overview: 

  • Social Hideousness – A fear a novice content creator may have when they need to show their face on camera. When asked about this diffidence to be on camera, Diana shared her thoughts on how the process is much like ripping off a banda-aid and just going for it. It is an uncomfortable learning curve which needs to happen so that you can be yourself on camera.
  • When asked how she overcame the initial criticism that all content creators face, Diana shared her insights on how we shouldn’t take criticism personally. Viewing these things objectively is the key to not letting it stop you from working in your space.
  • Dealing with criticism and unwanted DMs on Instagram is best done by fighting back with kindness. Some people are out there to poke & prod and make fun at others but at the end of the day, there’s all sorts of people out there, what differs is how we choose to deal with them.
  • When asked about her thoughts on the evolution of Social Media and creating valuable pieces of content, she emphasised on the importance of how as a content creator and provider you need to put your client and their ideologies before yourself and make them understand how you approach the content for a certain client.
  • The best way to generate UGC (User Generated Content) is to make your presence known on social media. So you need to post on social media consistently. This is because your clientele needs to see your work before they begin to approach you.
  • The community and creator mindset differs quite a bit, some posts will receive more engagement, but some won’t. You need to identify where your content will be appropriate and whom you want to talk to.
  • The perfect balance between Feed and Stories on Instagram is tricky. Stories are more of a behind the scenes sneak peek into your personality, more a testing ground. The Feed should be more of an educated guess once you’ve made up your mind on your content.

Top 5 tips for budding content creators from the expert:

  • Planning content can be hard so here are some Free tools that offer paid services if required.
  1. Trello and Airtable – Let you keep track of content.
  2. PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva – Social Media Content Creation.
  3. Veed – Video Editing.
  4. Later – Scheduling content.
  5. Flick – Hashtag tool.
  • If you have a mental block, it’s okay to step away for a while and return to the task with a clear mind.
  • If you’ve got the right audience size, partner with brands and do paid content with smaller brands to monetize your content.
  • Talk, Talk, Talk, Listen, Listen, Listen and Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate can help build a social media community organically.
  • Your content depends on specific topics. It is very important to niche down and focus your content as much as possible. Get as much experience as you can within your content pool. But you need focused content if you want to grow as a content creator.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “I started making Random videos on Tik Tok, like dancing, but since I’m not a dancer, I found other people making bite sized content to teach people with an entertaining format. Being a good storyteller really matters when you’ve got just 15 seconds.”
  • “The worst criticism I got was back in the beginning of my career. Someone called my work ugly. Back then, I may not have taken it so well. But looking back, I’d probably agree with the critical individual person.”
  • “In this line of work, you can’t necessarily guarantee that your client will get X amount of likes and followers in X amount of time, so it’s really not fair to you or the client to commit to something like that.”
  • “It’s been a lot o f teamwork between my clients and I. Many companies aren’t ready for social media. In order for Social media to complement what you’re doing, you need to have a solid business or at least the scope for a solid business.”
  • “Be aware of what kind of content works on what particular platform. It’s easier to make a long form video and then scale it down to bite-sized content on a smaller scale.”
  • “Coping with work and life balance has become much easier now. A solid uninterrupted hour or two isn’t possible. All you need to do is find a couple minutes here and there to gradually build up your content.”
  • “Sometimes the simplest content can be the most powerful content.” 
  • “A little competition is healthy, but you need to actively make it your goal to not follow too many other people in your space. Try not to fixate on what everyone else is doing. If it is toxic to your mental health you don’t necessarily need to see them or their content.”

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