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In this fourth episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), the host of the show, shares the space with Fernando Angulo (Head of Communications at SEMrush), who sheds light on the relevance of Search Engine Optimisation and shares some tips and tricks to improving SEO for your website.

Episode Overview: 

  • Fernando is the Head of Communications at SEMrush. He has built a very effective marketing team since the beginning of the company and has been an integral part of their marketing efforts.
  • Most businesses expect results in months, but ideally the results are entirely dependent on your strategy. You need to create an environment on your website and build it. Investing in Search Engine Optimisation will increase visibility.
  • In today’s relevance, content is a key factor while talking about SEO. Through content you empower your products to be seen on the search engine. You need content that answers questions and solves a person’s problems. 
  • When asked what kind of format usually works, Fernando said that a mix of everything is very necessary, depending on the product. All the content needs to be specific to the product. Video format works best, because people are keen on seeing how a product looks and works. Images are effective too.
  • You need to think about content that ranks as a new product that is going to help you sell. Almost like a salesperson, an employee or even a product. 
  • Social Media platforms that can push SEO content, are entirely dependent on the audience. You need to check the sources of traffic of your competitors and check what they’re doing in terms of user acquisition.
  • Small businesses using social media is a great idea. Because when it comes to navigation, going through a website can become tedious. But going through a social network gives them a choice to see everything at once and make a decision to pick something right away.
  • For businesses going from offline to online during the pandemic; check what’s going on in your industry. See how businesses in your industry are handling their services online. Start conversations, make personal connections, be closer to them and you’ll see how to approach a situation better.
  • An ideal budget for a business to build up a community and content depends on the type of business. For an E-commerce business, the starting budget is $55,000. This includes everything from the website, content and product itself.

Top 5 tips from the expert of Search Engine Optimisation himself:

  • If you want to create a webpage, identify where you are right now, analyse your competition, analyse your budget and see if you can get a position in a competitive market.
  • Once you have an idea of getting into the market, check how you can come up with a “Special Offer” to solve problems.
  • Then create an audience online on Social Media. Engage in promoting those solutions.
  • Now that you have a little bit of knowledge about what you want to do and your situation and place in the market, you then build a webpage. This is to attract and retain your audience.
  • Create a process with a high level of stability on that webpage by planning each move. Create content, publish it across every platform and then audit the content and social media engagement to get an idea of your standing.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “Imagine you have a perfect product, but no one can see it. Search Engine Optimisation can empower the visibility of that product with the use of search engines, like Google. This can be done without paying for advertising. You optimise your product information so people can find you.” 
  • “If your content is answering people’s questions, or if it is related to relevant old resources, like universities, and government institutions. If you link it to various other websites, that indicates trustworthy content.”
  • “Copy Pasting any content is a bad idea. Google is really smart and they know what the original version of the source is. So create original content and include lists, tables and images in your content.”
  • “When you’re creating content you need to take into account these three main categories of keywords. 
    • Question Keywords: What it is? Where can you find it? How can you use it?
    • Preposition Keywords: Words like ‘with’, ‘without’. Intent is higher with use of specific keywords.
    • Price and Comparison Keywords: This gives the buyers a sense of consideration.”
  • “You need to build your own online presence. Check out ‘Inbound Marketing Strategy’ as offered by Hubspot. This will help build your online persona.”
  • “To understand how you can get closer to your users with the right content, Semrush Academy lets you learn how to create content and even technical SEO.”
  • “To start a career in Search Engine Optimisation you need Confidence, Technical SEO knowledge and Javascript.”
  • “To achieve a ‘Zero Position’ in SEO, create content in 3 different formats. 1. Use a descriptive paragraph that answers a question. 2. Use a list format. Look for ‘How to Questions’. 3. Use tables to provide information. 

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