Entrepreneurship – Start. Grow. Mentor. Repeat.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey packed with emotions, uncertainty, innovation, struggles and sometimes success too. In the 1st episode of the Deliberate Talks podcast, Dakshin Adyanthaya (founder and director at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures), shares his space with Prantik Mazumdar (Managing Partner at Happy Marketer – a company acquired by Dentsu Merkle. Apart from being an investor, Prantik consults and mentors top brands like NUS, Insead, Quest Ventures and many more names.

Here is a quick overview of the podcast episode:
The podcast episode highlights the key stone to building a roadmap to becoming not just an entrepreneur, but a successful one. With Prantik Mazumdar’s proven practices of entrepreneurship, here are few highlights of the episode:

  • Prantik’s grooming process to become a business owner.
  • Choosing entrepreneurship over a potential opportunity at Facebook and LinkedIn at 28.
  • Understanding the importance of mentorship and giving back to the world in the form of learnings.
  • What one needs to focus on once they build a good team and have their business on track.
  • Answering the most important question of when it is a good time to take the leap of faith and become an entrepreneur.
  • How to constantly evolve as a business owner with the latest trends. 
  • Growing a thick skin to feedback and the importance of sharing your opinion, not by just lazily copy pasting content, but by putting your two cents on it without the fear of getting criticised.

While Prantik shared his journey and evaluating the situations to

  • People. Find partners and founding members with similar values & direction and complementary skill sets.
  • Know the problem you want to solve, but be flexible about how you want to solve it. Let go of your ego.
  • Prudence. Whether or not you raise funds, have a planned path to profitability.
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn. Constantly.
  • You need Teamwork, strong work ethic and culture.

Episode’s favourite Quotes:

  • “My life has been largely unplanned and so I don’t plan anything beyond 6 months.”
  • “If people are pushed to the edge, they learn more”
  • “if there’s an itch to establish something strongly; the answer to the question about when one should start off on their own, is always ‘NOW’.”
  • “Having family support financially or self made financial stability and risk taking attitude is an added plus.”
  • “We often view mentorship as a privilege that today’s generation can cohere to, it’s just that the opportunities may need to be bred earlier into the education system and perhaps a bit more prominently.”
  • “Today, we need a system to create more than to consume. Making an attempt to consume and create content based on your insights, opinions and points of view and sharing it on social media like in writing, and including a critical analysis while you share your content to crystallise your narrative as an individual and brand can go a long way to help build your online persona.”
  • There’s no point in being cagey about your ideas. It’s best if you get it out there and make the most of the resources you can get your hands on. Go build it and work on it.

You can listen to the entire episode on the links below:
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(written by Kedar Rao – content executive at Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures)

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