Latest on Instagram: Thumbs up or down?

Instagram updates are like hot cakes. It was only yesterday that we were introduced to the world of stories and there’s so much that has been launched after that by the Facebook-owned application, it is hard to keep a tap. We are almost closing in on the year and October has seen 3 major updates from Instagram. Find the details in this blog!

1. ‘Following’ no more

The heart icon, which showed an activity feed for “You” and “Following,” will now only display your own activity. With the recent update by Instagram on iOS and Android, you will no longer be able to view the activities of those you follow, basically, no snooping around. While we do not support stalking in any form, the following tab did help understand what kind of content people are interested in consuming. But then, that’s what Discover button is for.  The update has been liked by many and praised for being a good step.

2. The Dark Mode

Another update which several social media platforms are embracing off late has been welcomed by Instagram as well: the dark mode! While it does make the night scrolling less stressful on the eyes, the way your posts look on white mode is a LOT different from this one and if you are a content creator, your choice of colors and alignment of your grid will change drastically.

The second you switch to dark mode in iOS 13 or Android 10, your Instagram app will also switch to dark mode. The feature is not available for phones under Android v10.

3. Instagram Threads

This is not all. What Instagram has also introduced this month is: Threads. A group chat app that lets you connect with your ‘close friends’ from Instagram on a separate platform. Yes, that is right. Introduced to promote more intimate and instant content sharing among friends, Threads is being seen as an attach on Snapchat by Facebook-owned Instagram.

Instagram Threads Update: new on Instagram - Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures

This new feature doesn’t affect Direct Messages option on the app in any way. You can continue to converse with people over DMs and on the other hand, have private conversations with closest friends on Thread which will ‘also’ appear under direct messages. Sounds confusing? It is not. 

Threads is the fastest way to:

  • Share photos and videos instantly
  • Find out what friends are up to with statuses
  • Message only your close friends
Threads is:
  1. A camera-first app which means that when you open the application, the first thing that opens is the camera, letting you share photos and videos with friends
  2. An app that shares your status automatically with friends, without you doing it
  3. With several options of dark mode: basis the option you chose, it changes the icon color on your screen.

The similarities with Snapchat are so much that the Snap shares fell as much as 7% after Facebook announced the launch of Threads. While this is not the first time that Facebook has launched something similar to Snapchat in order to compete, only time will tell whether the app is here to stay. 

Bonus: Did you know that the favorite tool of many, Buffer now allows scheduling of Instagram stories!

Which is your favorite update on Instagram? Tell us in the comments section below.

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